Driven by a passion to fulfill nationalistic dreams of promoting a better quality of life for all Filipinos through exemplary education offerings, Dr. Antonio Tamayo, together with wife Daisy Tamayo and friend Ernesto Crisostomo, founded the Perpetual Help College of Rizal Las Piñas Campus over thirty years ago. Known today as the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, this institution has not only risen to eminence in the field of education, tt has likewise paved the way for the successful establishment of two more campuses (Calamba, Molino) in key cities in the country.

Under the distinct and highly regarded flagship name DALTA Group of Companies, the group has created a reputable niche in various areas including hospital services, private and corporate health insurance. marginalized healthcare and educational options, and medical transcription. The DGC also boasts of progressive expansion in real estate and infrastructure, livestock and crop production and basic support maintenance services.

These triumphant ventures are just among some of the flourishing and diversified enterprises that continue to epitomize Dr. Tamayos unorthodox management style, vision and genuine commitment to serve.

Milestones in the History of DALTA Group of Companies

February 5, 1975

Dr. Antonio Tamayo together with wife Daisy Tamayo and friend Ernesto Crisostomo, founded the Perpetual Help College of Rizal Las Piñas Campus (now University of Perpetual Help System DALTA). The founder’s passion to fulfill his nationalistic dreams was directed to promoting a better quality of life for all Filipinos through the school’s course offerings. The Las Pinas campus now has 12,000 students and offers more than 70 courses.


October30, 1976

The Perpetual Help Medical Center was founded by Dr. Antonio Tamayo, Daisy Tamayo, Ernesto Crisostomo, and assisted by Dr. Eugenio de Leon. Now known as the University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Center, a level four hospital, it has become one of the country’s premier teaching medical and referral centers in the south of Metro Manila.


January 30, 1978

TJ Enterprises initially ventured into cattle and hog-raising. Years later, the business has diversified into crop and tree plantation in Abra de Ilog Occidental Mindoro and Lipa, Batangas. It also has expanded its hog farming into 1,800 sow-level in Timbao, Bìnan, Batino, Calamba, and San Pablo - all in Laguna province. Other business sections of TJ consists of trading goods, food service units, restaurants, Daisees bakeshop, Daisees Dairy and meat processing plant and University Mall.


September 16, 1980

Health Care and Development Corporation of the Philippines (HC&D) was established to provide healthcare plans to individuals - corporate employees and students . It is now a fast growing HMO provider.

June 27, 1987

The JONELTA Indigent Foundation Inc. now DALTAJONELTA Foundation was opened to serve people in the depressed areas in Las Pinas through health and education. At present, JONELTA’s holistic quality services at cost are catering to almost 61,000 marginalized household beneficiaries in Southern Metro Manila & Cavite.

June 4, 1990

RAMTA Trading Corporation opened as a US-based company, in-charge of all indent orders, ranging from medical and school equipment, library books, journals, to refurbished items and goods, all needed by the units of the group of companies.


May 1995

The second PHCR branch was established in Molino, Cavite. Currently, the PHCR caters to a student population of more than 4,000, a dynamic increase based on its initial 700 enrollees.


June 1995

ALTACOMM Inc. was organized to provide communication and media services to its sister companies within DALTA Group. It has produced a television program called "Tropang Pinoy" hosted by Dr. Antonio Tamayo to convey messages on health, social responsibility, and Christian Values.


December 12, 1995

DAIMAR International Realty and Southbound Property Ventures Inc. were formed as the real estate arm of DALTA Group. On January 3, 1996 DALTA Builders INC. (formerly ALTAIand Construction and Development Corporation and ALTALAND Inc.) was established as the development arm of the DALTA Group of Companies. The group is the main contractor for all the Dalta business units as well as a provider of the infrastructure needs of its clients and users.


May 1996

The third PHCR branch was established in Calamba, Laguna. It started with only 360 students. To date, its enrollment has dramatically increased to 2,500 students.


April 1997

The Perpetual Help College of Rizal was granted the University Status by the Commission on Higher Education.


October 2003

The matrix organization of DALTA Central Office was formally put into operation to ensure that all components of the school, hospital, and subsidiary companies are well taken care of and are properly supported.


October 22, 2004

DALTA Management Inc. was created to facilitate basic support and maintenance services like housekeeping, building care and engineering, clerical and other administrative services to all business units.


October 12, 2005

Audio Dicta Transcription Corporation (ADTC) accredited by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Protability and Accountability Act) is an affiliate of the DALTA Group of Companies. A new but very promising medical transcription company ensures fast, accurate and secure data encoding through regular updates and training of staff members.

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