“Serve, secure, and sacrifice so that others may live.”

        Since 1976, the Perpetual Help System Security Force, also known as the Scorpion Force, has been providing security and safety services to the populace of the perpetualite community. Presently, it is recognized as SSEMS-P (Security, Safety, and Emergency Management Services-Perpetual). 

        With 35 years in operation, the Unit has established high-level security services in response to concerns of the education and health care community. It has forced up to the challenges of unpredictable security environment in the different areas it has been serving. 

        SSEMS-P envisions to emerge as a leading safety and security service provider, delivering reliable, and timely professional services. It is dedicated to providing efficient. effective, and top-quality safety and security services through its competent security professionals, training programs, and steadfast community service.

UPHR Compound, Alabang-Zapote Rd.
Pamplona III, Las Piñas City
Tnjnkline: (632) 871-0639 oc. 1531(632) 874-8515 bc. 531
Fax Number (632) 874-8515 bc. 531

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